Exhibitors Profile

Ayush food / Ayurveda Aahar

Agro foods, Dairy foods, Natural and Organic foods, Herbal foods, Super foods, Honeybee division, Coconut division, Banana division, Tea board division, Spice division, OTC products, protein, and vitamin supplements

Aoushadi / Medicine

Ayurvedic Medicines, Unani Medicines, Siddha Medicines, Homeopathy Medicines, OTC products, Herbal Medicines, food Supplements division, Herbal Extracts, Ingredients and Rawdi vision, Medicinal Plants growers, suppliers, exporters and directsellers, Bhasma Suppliers (Swarna, Rajat & Iron bhasma)

Yog - Nirog & Meditation

Yoga Apparels, Props, Clothes, Mats, Yoga Accessories, Sandbag, Yoga Balance Balls and Blocks, Yog Paramparas, Yoga studios, Chakra Pendant

Equipment / Machinery / Packaging

Ayurvedic/ Herbal Medicine Manufacturing Machines, Tablet Granulation, Syrup Machines, Physiotherapy Machines and Equipment. Ayurvedic/ Herbal Medicine Packaging Division. Lab Testing equipment, Massage Equipment, Panchakarma Products and Equipment, Wrapping material, Labelling Machinery, Physiotherapy Equipment


Khadi Clothes, Herbal and Organic Apparels, Jute and Bamboo clothes, Coir Division, Moonj Division, Seed Fibres, Leaf Fibres, Bast fibres, fruit fibres and stalk fibres.


Fitness Equipment, Fitness Apps, Gadgets and Accessories, Fitness Trackers, Waistband, Foam Roller, Roller Wheel etc, Fitness Studios, Gym Centre

Hygiene / Sanitisation

Natural Hand Sanitizers and Soaps, Hand Gel & Rub, and floor Cleaners, Natural Air Purifiers, Water Purifiers, Sound Purifiers and therapies, Oral Hygiene Products, Vaginal Hygiene, Skin Hygiene.

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